About Tamura-ya

The Long History of Kyoto Nishijin-ori
Inheriting the traditions handed down from generation to generation,
we produce unique and elegant textiles using carefully selected materials.

Inheriting the traditions handed down from generation to generation,
we pursue the creation of high-quality works of art using carefully selected materials.
Using classical patterns as a base, we implement the skills inherited from our predecessors
while actively adopting new sensibilities that match the times so that
our customers receive high-quality products that can be used for many years to come.
We hope that the day-to-day lives of those who own Kyoto Nishijin-ori Tamura-ya’s products will be enriched and luxurious.

Turning Thoughts into Art

The Nishijin-ori we manufacture go through many preparatory processes before their completion, which is overseen by experts in each field. Nishijin-ori would not be possible without even one of them.
Though feelings are invisible, they are a very important element in the creation of art.

Meet the Owner


Tamura-ya CEO/ Nishijin-ori Coordinator

Inheritance of Tradition

Born in a Nishijin-ori weavers in Kyoto, I grew up listening to the sound of the machines.
The Nishijin-ori we create involves many processes before completion, each supported by its own craftsmen and women. I would like to carry on the skills of our predecessors, as well as the spirit of Nishijin-ori’s origin and the wearers of our products.


Born into a family with both a long history creating Kyoto’s Nishijin-ori and the honor of presenting their textiles to the imperial family, Takahisa Tamura acquired their managerial skills by becoming a first generation student of Doshisha University Business School’s Innovative Globalization of Kyoto’s Heritage Industries.
With a mission to bring innovation to the Nishijin-ori industry and help it grow again in line with the times, they are passionate about working with our customers and craftsmen every day in order to contribute to its revival.

Born as the eldest son of Nishinjin-ori weaver, Tamura-ya, in Kyoto, he grew up amidst the sound of Nishijin-ori machines every day.
After graduating from university in Kyoto, he joined an import apparel trading company and was in charge of Italian brands, etc.
Joined Tamura-ya which was owned by his father.
Presented an obi they had made to Tom Cruise, star of The Last Samurai, during a stage greeting at Nijo Castle.
Designed and produced a haori and obi for Gackt, winner of the Best Kimono Award.
Was appointed as Director of the company.
Was accepted to be one of the first generation of students to study Innovative Globalization of Kyoto’s Heritage Industries at Doshisha University Business School.
Participated in the Kyoto Red Exhibition in Paris, France, organized by the Innovative Globalization of Kyoto’s Heritage Industries.
Made objects for space production using Nishijin-ori threads.
Jointly developed and released “izayoi” lighting using “hikibaku,” a material used in the creation of Nishijin-ori, with COS KYOTO Co., Ltd.. The product has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines.
*Winner of the OMOTENASHI Selection 2015 Gold Award
Launched kimono brand Elly & Oby with photographer Mitsuaki Koshizuka and designer Noritoshi Nishioka at Isetan Shinjuku.
Launched clutch bags in collaboration with L.A. brand CUFFZ.
Established PRIDE & FAITH Co., Ltd. to pioneer a new world of Nishijin-ori textiles.

Started production and sales of non-kimono goods, using Nishijin-ori techniques and materials cultivated over the years.
Presented the Nishijin-ori table runner at Shiseido's "THE GINZA".

Strengthened new business at PRIDE & FAITH and took over the Tamura-ya trade name, registering it as a limited company.
Presented and sold clutch bags, pouches, and paper cases at the Rimpa 400th Anniversary exhibition held in collaboration with the Hosomi Art Museum at the Kyoto Takashimaya, Osaka Takashimaya, Yokohama Takashimaya, and Nihonbashi Takashimaya department stores.
Appeared on Mie Television Broadcasting Inheritance of Tradition – Meet the Smiles.
Donated a Nishijin-ori plaque with an Amabie pattern to Kyoto Horikawa Hospital as a prayer for the end of the Covid pandemic.
Produced a goshuincho (temple seal collecting notebook) among other items for Konkai Komyoji Temple that was featured in "Soda, Kyoto-ni-Ikou" (Let's go to Kyoto).
Presented a half-width obi at SHIBUYA FACTORY 2022, an event held at the Shibuya Ward Office in collaboration with SHIBUYA FONT, which was created by people with disabilities in Shibuya.
Provided costumes for Ayaka Yasumoto of idol group Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku.
Provided costumes for actress Mayu Matsuoka.


Company Name Tamura-ya Co., Ltd.
Address 41-9 Koyama Kitakamifusacho Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu 603-8142
Phone number 075-366-3455
Business Hours 9:45~17:00(Bussiness hours are being shortened due to the spread of coronavirus)
Business Production and sales of Nishijin-ori products, Production and sales of textiles, Kimono production